We orchestrate
value creation in agriculture

Phygital Agriculture

The key concept of Phygital Agriculture, coined by Manobi Africa, captures the emergent opportunity for robust physically based, digitally driven solutions to secure the sustainability, transparency and honorable sourcing of the smart foods of tomorrow.

What do we do?

agCelerant transforms and secures contractual agriculture through the intelligent targeting and activation, inside smallholder value chains, of phygital ecosystems that monitor smallholder fields in real time, innovate in rural job markets, and orchestrate value creation to transform the global food chain.


Because transforming smallholder agriculture is not only a farm-level problem. Because risk aversion in bankers has far-reaching consequences. Because basic knowledge and structure lack in smallholder value chains, preventing investment, stunting growth. Because farming can be a choice, a profession, a passion.


agCelerant encapsulates the concept of ‘phygital agriculture’, the combination of physical asset management with digital solutions to ensure trust and scalability of service. It unlocks primary bank and industrial investments for smallholder markets, ensuring final product quality, value and returns to SHFs and other agricultural stakeholders.

Value Creation

For Banks

For Agro-industries

For Input Suppliers

For Insurers​

For Farmers

For Youth

We Leverage and Combine
the Latest in Technology

We Leverage and Combine the Latest in Technology

Mobile Technology

Because nothing beats a human mind.

Internet of Things

Because of all those things the eye can’t see.

Earth Observation

Because agriculture spreads over space.

Lean Data Managenent

Because value is what matters

Artificial intelligence

Because it augments cognition.

Proximal Presence

Because proximity is key to value chain orchestration

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