agCelerantTM Academy

Creating jobs and businesses for youths through the development of phygital agriculture.

agCelerantTM Academy is an initiative launched by Manobi Africa to ensure the immediate creation of jobs and businesses for and by the youths. Identified, recruited, trained and supported to become agripreneurs contributing through the transformation of agriculture by optimizing the functioning and development in their communities in agriculture that are important for the economic and social development of the country.

In Partnership

agCelerantTM Academy

agCelerantTM Academy will certify agripreneurs throughout the year, who will be trained and coached to establish proximal presence between farmers and stakeholders of the value chain. agCelerant’s concept of proximal presence builds upon the motive to achieve agricultural transformation and impact of the digital revolution with human infrastructure. Breaking the perception that financial institutions are wary of innovative approaches in micro-financing farmers in the perception that smallholder farmers are risky. Encompassing agCelerant’s keystone concepts of phygital agriculture, proximal presence is a fundamental key to qualify data generated through technologies, using local intelligence to generate the value that arises from strengthened trust relationships between stakeholders of the value chain.

Economic and social impact achieves

The doubling of agricultural productivity by accelerating the inclusion of vulnerable smallholder farmers in optimised agriculture value chains, supported by :

  • The creation of local agricultural service enterprises for smallholder farmers, generating jobs for youths and providing support to ensure the sustainability and profitability of their activities ;
  • Improve the performance of agriculture value chains ;
  • Strengthening digital skills of youths in vulnerable communities and farmers
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