Securing 25% of Nigerian Agriculture with 15million Farmers

Brokering a landmark public-private partnership to transform Nigeria’s agricultural sector. FMARD’s favourable disposition towards the deployment of agCelerant as part of investments in Nigerian agriculture such as the Kano State Agro-pastoral Development Project (KSADP) will constitute a key steppingstone towards the piloting of agCelerant solution a vehicle for the implementation of phygital agriculture. 

The deployment of agCelerant with 15 million Nigerian smallholders will be a roadmap for Nigerian agriculture to perform sustainably, commencing with rice as the preferred value chain for early implementation, followed by tomato, livestock, sorghum and other commodities.

agCelerant offers breakthrough capabilities inside the last mile, leveraged by the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and powered by youth agripreneurs who can proximally and economically monitor and advise every single smallholder field under contract. 

What makes this approach different from classical digital approaches is that, with its foundational concept of phygital agriculture, it goes beyond the usually tech-driven, top-down and piecemeal solutions to smallholder productivity issues by addressing multiple informational and transactional bottlenecks at once to de-risk complex production systems. agCelerant does this through a holistic understanding of agricultural value creation, and how technology can catalyze it through inclusive business models in which smallholder farmers and larger-scale investors are simultaneously accompanied and protected as they empower themselves to respond to growing and changing customer needs.

Nigeria embraces the approach with strong political and operational support, and is eager to launch the first round of 1,000,000 smallholder loans recovery within the first year of implementation with agCelerant.